THE MOST energy-efficient windows available

That's why we picked them!!!

Over the past years at Energistics, our customers continually asked "Which windows should I buy if I want to replace a few of them?"  So, one day we decided to sit down and research the topic.  Turns out that the best windows on the market were not available in the Bloomington- Normal area.  In fact, they were not available anywhere downstate!!  We have now fixed that problem...

Take a look at the outstanding technology that Kensington High Performance Products and Alpen High Performance Products use to bring homeowners cutting edge super-insulating windows that offer the best in comfort and efficiency.


Know what the label Means!!

U- Factor is the insulating power or heat transfer capability of a material.  It is the inverse (1 / R-value = U-factor) of R-value which is a more common rating in the building materials industry that indicates a materials resistence to heat flow. The lower the number is here, the warmer the window will be to the touch.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient is the percentage of infrared heat that is allowed to pass through the window assembly.  Think of this like a sunscreen that is designed to stop most of the heat but let most of the light come through.  A lower number here will mean the floor inside the room will stay cooler even though the sun is shining on it brightly.

Visible Transmittance is the percentage of light that is allowed to pass through a window assembly.  This number can be tuned to the homeowners desired amount, but generally speaking you want the most light available (high number here) and lowest amount of heat gain.

Air Leakage is the amount of air in cubic feet per minute that leaks through 1 square foot of the window when it is shut.  In this case, obviously a lower number is better because windows are supposed to stop the outside air from coming in.  This is probably the most overlooked piece of information about a window and by far causes the most comfort problems for the homeowner.