We specialize in existing homes and fixing "problems"

It's not ALL about R-value- you need the air sealed out too!!  All insulation is not created equal... cellulose and foam have the advantage of air sealing and building R-value at the same time.

While most types of insulation are functional in a home, some have built-in advantages. Blown-In Cellulose is a win-win when it comes to insulating framed walls and attics.  It air-seals and insulates in 1 step.  Spray foam functions much of the same way but is best utilized for bandjoist/ rimjoist areas or other portions of a home that are tricky to get right like vaulted ceilings.

 At Energistics Exterior and Design, we know insulation like nobody's business!!  It's what got us started in our business.  We are equipped for new construction and especially for existing homes.  You can rest assured that with our experience and expertise the result is a home that is more comfortable, more durable and more energy efficient - exactly how a home should be!!