Planning and design of your new home, goes much farther than getting prices and proposals.  You can avoid costly and frustrating mistakes by working with an expert that knows your house is a system.  We offer a range of help and 3rd party certification to make your home more comfortable, more durable, and more affordable.  Call us today to get the information you need to make the best choice when planning your new home!!

Commissioning is a process that ensures the building is constructed and functioning as the owner and designer intended. Deficiencies in design, installation and operation are identified and corrected before the owners move in.  This is the critical second part of 3rd party assistance.


2012 IECC Energy Code Compliance Testing and Verification

The newly adopted 2012 IECC Energy Conservation Code contains an optional path for compliance called the "Simulated Performance Alternative". This establishes analysis by energy performance simulation software as a way to meet the code. At Energistics we have over 10 years experience using simulation software to model energy performance and we can give you an alternative to prescriptive code requirements. The best part is that with a blower door test (included) you will have the assurance that the home you build will perform properly and be trouble free from the first day.




LEED for Homes Certification

As green building standards become increasingly prominent in the real estate community, more and more homeowners are looking to green building certifications as a way to distinguish their properties. As a LEED Homes Green Rater we are fully qualified to determine whether your new construction or remodeling project may be up to the stringent standards of USGBC LEED for Homes (basic certification, Silver, Gold, or Platinum), and to facilitate certification where applicable. Fully aware that sorting through the red tape of green building can be difficult for homeowners and contractors alike, we would be happy to work with you to help you achieve your green building goals.


Passive House PHIUS+ QA/QC

Passive House energy standards are among the most stringent internationally recognized construction standards.  Energistics is certified to provide the Quality Assurance testing and inspection for Passive House projects that are seeking PHIUS+ QA/QC designation.